NITO Kento

NITO Kento

Born at Saitama in 1986. Graduated sculpture course of Musashino Art University and muster course of Tokyo University of fine art.
Solo exhibition recent years are Red Porcupine"(2012/GALLERY TERRA TOKYO/ Tokyo), Throwing for the Unforeseen"(2012/TWS Hongo/ Tokyo), standpoints"(2012/florist_gallery N/Aichi) and some.
Group exhibition was 14th TARO Award for contemporary Art Exhibition"(2011/Kanagawa), 
"Tokyo wonder wall 2011" (2011/Tokyo), and "Running, washing and becoming the mountain" at Japanese traditional athhouse in Tokyo.
About works / performance

My work's theme is gravity and repelling. Gravity is totally power, we can't escape, working to us on the earth. Art works are my action against and depend on these a priori decisions, and the thing which happening from my action. My main material is plaster and sometimes duty rugs.

1._Reversed Mountain_.JPG
reversed mountain, 2013, 540x500x150, plaster, earth

2._Throwing for the Unforeseen_.jpg
Throwing for the Unforeseen, 2012, 360x300x200, plaster, mud, pipes, wood, Ken Kato

3._catch the air[for stand]_ 3.jpg
Catch the air [for stand], 2011, 95x95x180, plaster,strings

standpoints, 2010, 300x1100x220, plaster,hemps,bed,sofa,tire,ets, Kugahiro Kawamoto

7._circle and escape_.jpg
circle and escape

universal mountain, Video