Khvay Samnang

Khvay Samnang

Samnang studied painting at the Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh. Upon graduation in 2006 he immediately expanded his practice and exhibit diverse media such as sculpture, photography, and installation. In all media, the artist works like an anthropologist, quietly observing subtleties within Cambodian society in order to pose questions of their affects and relevance today.
About works / performance

A new collection of Hair sculptures which reflects on obsession of women and their beauty and other ideas discovered specific to Japan/Tokyo.

Photos of samples produced in Cambodia:

It seems that many women do not like their natural beauty or their shape as they are obsessed with make-up imitating the nature around them. Some women use make-up, applying powder and drawing around their eyes. They even have surgery to adjust their eyelids so they get bigger eyes. They are like birds, with multi-colored hair and big round eyes. Some of them have their ears pierced with many holes and have their noses pierced. Perhaps they like and love cattle, or they might want to look powerful and strong like those animals. Some others use chemical substances to change their hair color to blonde like color of corn or have their hair styled following the animals' hair.