Khvay Samnang

Residency Program

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update: 2019.11.28

Khvay Samnang

Participating ProjectJENESYS Programme
Activity BasedCambodia
Period2010.6 - 2010.8
Purpose of the residency

The same purpose as for the JENESYS Programme:
- To research, gather, produce and present a collection of 'Hair' sculpture continued from the latest work recently shown in Cambodia (Tokyo Wonder Site)
- To engage in a community of new creators through knowledge and experience sharing and learning (Tokyo Wonder Site)
- To participate in TWS's 'On Site Lab Workshop' (Tokyo Wonder Site)

Plan during the residency

First month:
- Week 1: Introductory meeting, city tour and visiting salons to observe the current practice of beauty for women, making sketches
- Week 2: Research (with assistant) the references/history/taboos/care of hair/beauty in historic Japan and contemporary Tokyo. Begin collecting hair from salons,
making sketches
- Week 3-4: Working on hair sculptures (the main structure) while collecting more hair.

Second month:
- Week 1-4: Working on hair sculptures (applying hair) while collecting more hair

Third month:
- Finalise the sculptures
- Participate in 10-day TWS's 'On Site Lab Workshop'
- Present the sculptures

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