Born in 1979. Graduated on 2003 with a B.A. in Human sciences from the University of Tsukuba.
Has been exhibited recently in group exhibitions as "Tokyo Story 2014"(2014・Tokyo Wondersite Shibuya), group show "Visceral sensation"(2013・21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art)、solo show "Beyond the horizon"(2013・Seibu Dept. stores Shibuya art gallery)、solo show "Vortex Blue"(2012 Mitsukoshi Ginza Art Gallery)、solo show "The Colossus Drive and the Black Sun"(2012・hpgrp Gallery Tokyo)、group show: "Images on twelve minds",(2011・Museum of Modern Art Saitama))among others.
Also has been recipient of various grants, 2013Program for emerging artists, Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs, 2012Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2012, Finalist、2011 International Color Awards, Photography Masters Cup, Honorable Mention, Nominee, among others.

About works / performance

What I always have in mind when making my works is the concept of time, meta-reality and coincidence.
In my photographic works I deal with time, a dimension that is easily manipulated through photography, and look for the metaphysical state of the landscape.
In my installation works I use sounds, light, words and video to try to get a new perception of the world and some times to find the meta-view of the environment in which we live or the works are presented, sometimes showing some alternative realities through the five senses.
I always try to capture a metaphysical side or the essence of the physical world we live in, the world outside time.

川久保ジョイ3.When the mist takes off the suns-001.jpg

When the mist takes off the suns  2014   pigment print mouted on K-panel   304x384cm   TWS, Kenji Takahashi

川久保ジョイ6.Last paragraphs of Herbert Quain-001.jpg

The Last paragraphs of Herbert Quain  2014  black paint and cutting sheet text  120x120cm  TWS, Kenji Takahashi

川久保ジョイ9.When you speak the unspeakable-005.jpg

Remake of "The god of the labyrinth"(1933)  2014  mirrors, light bulb, nylon thread, metalic hooks   24x24x32cm  TWS, Kenji Takahashi

川久保ジョイ10.Shirahige shrine.jpg

Shirahige shrine  2011  photograph  149x189cm  川久保ジョイ