TOKYO STORY 2014 Part 1

TOKAS Creator-in Residence Exhibition

TOKYO STORY 2014 Part 1


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TitleTOKYO STORY 2014 Part 1
Date2014.5.3(Sat) - 2014.6.8(Sun)
Time11:00 - 19:00
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
iaab, Yubari City
VenueTWS Shibuya / TWS Hongo
[TWS Shibuya] Yoi Kawakubo , Nobuhiro Fukui
[TWS Hongo] Ichiro Endo , Saiko T. Kase , Daisuke Nagaoka, Chikara Matsumoto , mamoru , Yoshihiro Yamamoto

The fiscal 2013 TWS Creator-in-Residence programs generated countless stories.The three young artists in the exhibition who took part in the Local Creator Residency Program, spending between six months and one year in residence, speak from diverse perspectives about society, the city, and their lives and present us with a clear sense of the issues we face in the world. Through their involvement with the local community, the four who took part in the Artists in Yubari program looked closely at Yubari's historical background, present, and future and developed an awareness of issues common to many contemporary cities.

Artists (SHIBUYA)

Yoi Kawakubo
(Local Creator Residence Program, 2013.4 - 2014.3) Born in Toledo, Spain.

《When the mist takes off the suns》 2014

Nobuhiro Fukui
(Exchange Residency Program, 2013.5 - 2013.7) 1972 Born in Tokushima, Japan.

《B' - 6957》 2013, photo © Nobuhiro Fukui, Courtesy of Tomio Koyama Gallery

Artists (HONGO)

Ichiro Endo
(Artist in Yubari program, 2012.8, 2013.3, 2013.7 - 2013.08) Born in Shizuoka.

Project in Yubari, 2013

Saiko T. Kase
(Local Creator Residence Program, 2013.4 - 2014.3) She received her Master of Fine Arts from School of The Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) with a Full Scholarship in 2011.

《Life-time Project》 2013, mixed media

Daisuke Nagaoka
(Artist in Yubari program, 2012.8, 2013.3, 2013.7 - 2013.8) 1973 Born in Ymanashi, Japan.

Project in Yubari, 2013

Chikara Matsumoto (Artist in Yubari program, 2012.8, 2013.3, 2013.7 - 2013.8) Painter, Video Artist (animation).

Project in Yubari, 2012

(Artist in Yubari program, 2013.7 - 2013.8) 1977 Born in Osaka.  

Project in Yubari, 2013

Yoshihiro Yamamoto
(Local Creator Residence Program, 2013.10 - 2014.3) Born in 1981.

《Model house》 2014、photo

For the details please see the TWS Hongo page.

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Artist Talk | Shibuya

2014.5.10(Sat) 16:00-18:00
Venue: Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya
Participants: Yoi Kawakubo / Nobuhiro Fukui / Yoshihiro Yamamoto

Artist Talk | Hongo
2014.5.24(Sat) 15:00-18:00
Venue: Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo
Participants: Ichiro Endo / Saiko T. Kase / Daisuke Nagaoka / Chikara Matsumoto

Participating Creator

ENDO Ichiro
FUKUI Nobuhiro
KASE T. Saiko
YAMAMOTO Yoshihiro