Born in Tokyo in 1991. Lives and works in Tokyo. Graduated with an MFA from Tokyo Zokei University in 2016.
Tanizaki mainly uses the painting medium, which directly affects the physical body, to create works that affirmatively express the relationships among human lives and with others, using various emotions as clues.

Recent exhibitions:
2024 “Sync Mode,” konomad, Tokyo
2023 “INSOMNIA/Waiting for the wave,” tata book shop gallery, Tokyo
2021 “Heartbreaker,” THE SECRET MUSEUM, Tokyo
2020 ”LONELYLONELY RonyoriShoko,” Komagome Soko, Tokyo
2019 "Lonely girl already time," Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo
2018 "Studio exhibition 2018," SATOSHI OHNO STUDIO, Yamanashi, Japan
2018 "Openstudio2018," ON MAY FOURTH, Tokyo

Recent awards: 
2019 "FACE 2019 Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Art Award," Jury Prize (HORI Motoaki)
2016 "Tokyo Wonder Wall 2016," Tokyo Wonder Wall Prize
About works / performance

Tanizaki believes that painting is a medium capable of direct expression and has the power to unashamedly expose emotional details and the reality of living in various relationships. It can also help us accept negative reality by expressing morbid, extremely lonely, and vulnerable parts of our lives in the form of images. She feels that the process of recovery after accepting difficulties generates a great deal of energy and that there is a strong possibility, especially in things that do not follow logic, are not likely to be the subjects of academic study, or are mundane or insignificant. She wants to capture this energy and show it in her work.

Waiting for the wave 2022, Oil on canvas, 160.3 x 148.5 cm, Photo:Takashi Fujikawa

Day-night reversal 2022, Charcoal on paper, 76.5 x 57cm, Photo:Takashi Fujikawa

Insomnia 2021, Oil on canvas, 65.3 x 80.5cm, Photo:Takashi Fujikawa

Heart breaker 2020, Glass beads and used lamp, H395xW240xD200mm, Photo:Ujin matsuo

Insomnia 2022, Glazed Stoneware, H.45.7 x W.38.6 x D.38.6cm