Rubén D’HERS

Rubén D’HERS


Venezuelan sound artist living in Berlin working on the intersection of sound installations and music. He graduated with M.A. Sound Studies from Universität der Künste Berlin in 2016.

Recent Exhibitions
"A Garden of Forking Paths – Finale 4"(MaerzMusik), SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin, 2022
"Plural Domains", Harn Museum of Art, Florida, 2021
"Resonanz & Resilienz", Sehsaal, Vienna, 2021
"Passage Stage", Cashmere Radio, Berlin, 2020
"Artica Svalbard /Arctic Chamber Music Festival", Longyearbyen, Norway, 2019
“Bolero transparente” (Album release), Vertical Music, Milan, 2019

Awards, Grants
Stiftung Kunstfonds. Working grant. 2020
Cisneros Fontanals Foundation – CIFO. Emerging artist award grant. 2018
Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe. Research grant. 2017

About works

Acoustic guitars, zithers, piano strings, cable, stones, hanging motors, refrigerators parts are some of the material I currently use to produce works at the intersection of sound installations and music. My works are often chord-based compositions that become tuned acoustical environments. The installations serve both as a means of music composition but also for the rendering of field recordings into acoustic sound generated by mechanical means.

In recent works I examine stationary sounds from the domestic environment, thus trying to unveil their potential as found musical material and inquiring into how they can appeal to our involuntary aural imagery. This approach is reflected both through sound installations and paintings. The paintings aim to create a fictitious sound, i.e. a silent sound which is merely suggested via image.

Cristofué y Guacamaya, 2015  Birdcages, steel strings, bird feathers, tuning pegs, dc motors, piezos, macaw & kiskadee audio recordings, amplifier and transducers. The Empty Gallery, Hong Kong

Faint Music, 2018, Refrigerator, piano strings, blue-yellow macaw feathers , cello bridges, stones, guitar neck, alligator clips, dc motors, twin core cable & computer. CIFO Grants & Commisions

I still hear the soft roar of a distant crowd, 2018,  Prepared guitars, cable & computer controlled dc motors. Église du Vieux-Saint-Sauveur. Interstice 13 / Rencontres des Inclassables. Caen

Recording empty refrigerator at rest, 2021, Acrylic on canvas, 146 x 110 cm