Born 1985 in Yamagata City, Japan.  Araki received his B.F.A. in Sculpture from Washington University in St. Louis Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts in 2007.  With his graduation work titled "971 Horses + 4 Zebras," he has participated in numerous national and international screenings, including "Theory of Everything" (7th and 8th screening, curated by Yuki Okumura), and was selected for the 56th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (with MIACA).  Araki completed his master's degree in New Media from Tokyo University of Arts in 2010.  His research concerning 'the relationship regarding the camera and the self' is highlighted in the work "Deep Search," a voyage in which the artist swallows a miniature camera to search for a small figurine in his internal organs. 

About works / performance
In hindsight, my past video works have emerged from my strong envy and rejection towards painting and sculptural approach of making artworks.  What texture conveys in paintings has formed itself as some degree of 'violence' in my videos, and the three-dimensional presence of objects have transformed into 'time' and 'narrative' aspect in my works.  This longing for materiality has somehow found its voice in the medium of moving images, and the ongoing questioning of 'which turn shall I make?' has become stronger than ever.  In attempt to answer this never-ending question, I must confront myself by examining each possibility one at a time, in a search for better place.


Title: Deep Search (2009, VHS transferred on DVD, 04:04min.)


Title: Baguette Walk (2010, Digital Video, 40:09min.)


Title: 971 Horses + 4 Zebras (2007, Digital Video, looped)