Born in 1994 in Shizuoka. Lives and works in Tokyo. Enrolled in a PhD in Production of Art in Musashino Art University.

Recent exhibitions: 
2022 "3rd Print Art Triennale in Kyoto 2022," Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art
2022 "mtk+ vol.6 Mizuki Ashikawa × Yohta Matsuoka," MtK Contemporary Art’s café Dots, Kyoto
2021 "YAMAMOTO KANAE print Grand Prix competition Triennale.," Ueda city museum, Nagano
2021 "Statements from Galleries focusing on a new generation in Tokyo," Gallery Natsuka
2021 "All of being put in parenthese," Mitsubishi Ichigokan museum Archive Room, Tokyo

Recent Awards: 
2022 "3rd Print Art Triennale in Kyoto 2022," NISSHA FOUNDATION Award
2021 "YAMAMOTO KANAE print Grand Prix competition Triennale," Grand prize
2019 "Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2019," a.a.t.m.2019 Mitsubishi Estate Co.,Ltd. Prize
About works / performance

I make lithographs as a place to collide various two powers; landscape and observers, illustrations and realism images, nature and artificial objects, etc.. These powers collide with each other, cancel each other's forces on the surface of litho-plate. I take a walk around the city, found something; strange objects and great landscape, get inspiration from it, and combine fragmentary images to create a flat image. On the surface of a lithography plate, I try to reproduce the dissipation and integration of recognition that I took a walk.

Anagra, 2021 paper and Japanese paper, 21×20.3cm

Flip-flaps, 2022 paper, 310x450cm

Holder01, 2021 paper and Japanese paper, 27x23cm

Gondola, 2020 paper, 110x170cm