2021/7/6 (Tue)

【Announcement】Baggage Inspection(7/23-9/5)

2021/7/2 (Fri)

【Announcement】Requests for visitors to TOKAS

2021/6/29 (Tue)

【Announcement】 COVID-19:Advice for visitors to TOKAS Residency

2021/6/24 (Thu)

【NEWS】Tokyo Arts and Space Schedule 2021.4-2022.3

2021/6/16 (Wed)

【TOKAS Hongo】Announcement of successful candidates for OPEN SITE 6

2021/6/16 (Wed)

【NEWS】Tokyo Arts and Space Annual Report 2020

2021/6/16 (Wed)

【TCAA】The video of "Tokyo Contemporary Art Award 2019-2021 Exhibition" Artists' Talk was released!

2021/6/9 (Wed)

【OPEN CALL】"Tokyo Contemporary Art Award 2022-2024" Calling for application

2021/6/4 (Fri)

【TCAA】Tokyo Contemporary Art Award 2020-2022, winner's interview released!

2021/6/1 (Tue)

【NEWS】Tote Bag Gift Campaign

2021/5/28 (Fri)

【Announcement】Announcement of reopening of exhibitions and the changes of exhibition periods

2021/5/10 (Mon)

【Announcement】 Notice of extension of exhibitions suspension to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus

2021/4/24 (Sat)

【Announcement】 Notice of suspension or cancellation of exhibitions to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus

2021/4/22 (Thu)

【OPEN CALL】Cancellation of the Open Call for the International Creator Residency Program and Research Residency Program

2021/4/19 (Mon)

【TOKAS Residency】Announcement of successful candidates for Exchange Residency Program 2021 (Invited creators from abroad)

2021/4/19 (Mon)

【TOKAS Residency】Postponement of invited and sending creators programs 2021/ April-July

2021/2/25 (Thu)

【OPEN CALL】OPEN SITE 6 Calling for Projects!

2021/2/2 (Tue)

【TOKAS Residency】Postponement of invited creators' stay and cancellation of Open Studio 2020-2021/ March

2021/1/18 (Mon)

【TCAA】Tokyo Contemporary Art Award 2021-2023 Award winners and Symposium Announced!

2021/1/8 (Fri)

【TOKAS Hongo】Notice of related events of OPEN SITE 5 Part 2