【TCAA】Announcement of the Tokyo Contemporary Art Award 2022-2024 Award Winners

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The Tokyo Contemporary Art Award (TCAA) has been presented to mid-career artists since 2018 to encourage new breakthroughs in their work, both in Japan and overseas and two winners for TCAA 2024–2026, the fifth edition of this contemporary art award is announced.
The Award Ceremony and Symposium will be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.

The Winners
UMEDA Tetsuya
Umeda produces installations that are inspired by and incorporate existing elements found in the environment and circumstances surrounding the exhibition space including its architectural structure. In addition to exhibitions in museums and art institutions, he has produced numerous site-specific works based on the context of both urban spaces and the natural environment. Performance works are presented in Japan and abroad, such as tours inviting the audience to unfamiliar places, stage works focusing on functions found in theaters, and chorus projects without a center point. He is also internationally renowned as a leading artist in the field of sound art.

OH Haji
Oh creates installation works utilizing textile-making techniques such as weaving, dyeing and unravelling, as well as photographs/cyanotype, texts and sounds. Drawing on her background as a third-generation Zainichi Korean, she creates artworks to give expression to the untold memories – silent memories – of women and unnamed individuals. She explores the concept of post-memory by sharing experiences and dialogue through a collaborative process of community workshops. Currently, she is based in Japan and Australia for her art practices.

Award Ceremony and Symposium
Date & Time2024/2/17(Sat) [Award Ceremony]14:00-14:30(Doors open at 13:30) / [Symposium]14:40-16:10
VenueMuseum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, B2F Auditorium (4-1-1 Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo)