2017/12/18 (Mon)

【TOKAS Residency】 USUI Hitomi: Exhibition at HIAP

2017/11/30 (Thu)

【TOKAS Residency】 Qenji Yoshida: Exhibition at Matadero Madrid

2017/11/13 (Mon)

【TOKAS Residency】 USUI Hitomi :Open Studio at HIAP, Helsinki

2017/10/28 (Sat)

【TOKAS Hongo】OPEN SITE 2017-2018 | Artist Talk on 11/25 (Sat)

2017/10/23 (Mon)

【Announcement】The grand prize for Open Call of the new logo

2017/10/23 (Mon)

【Announcement】Tokyo Arts and Space has a new logo

2017/10/11 (Wed)

【TOKAS Residency】 MIZUKI Rui: Solo show in Melbourne

2017/10/10 (Tue)

Announcement of successful candidates for residency programs 2018

2017/10/10 (Tue)

【TOKAS Residency】 KAMATA Yusuke: Group exhibition in Seoul

2017/10/7 (Sat)

【WONDER SEEDS 2018】 Calling for application

2017/10/5 (Thu)

【TOKAS Hongo】OPEN SITE 2017-2018: Announcement of cancellation of the performance program

2017/10/2 (Mon)

【Important Notice】"Tokyo Arts and Space" is the new name of former Tokyo Wonder Site as of October 1, 2017.

2017/9/5 (Tue)

【TWS Hongo】OPEN SITE 2017-2018 Ticket Booking available!

2017/8/22 (Tue)

【TWS Hongo】OPEN SITE 2017-2018 starts 10/14!

2017/7/31 (Mon)

【TWS Residency】KAMATA Yusuke: group exhibition in Seoul

2017/6/23 (Fri)

Announcement of successful candidates for OPEN SITE 2017-2018

2017/6/23 (Fri)

The final exhibition at TWS Shibuya "Shibuyajizai"!

2017/6/8 (Thu)

『Tokyo Wonder Site Annual Report 2016』 is now available!

2017/6/6 (Tue)

【Exchange: Berlin】Mizuki Kin Exhibition: PORTRAIT OF THE CITY - Berliner Airports

2017/6/3 (Sat)

【OPEN CALL】OPEN SITE 2017-2018 | Announcement for successful candidate will be postponed