2018/12/11 (Tue)

【TOKAS Residency】 pompom | A performance by Simo KELLOKUMPU

2018/11/29 (Thu)

【TOKAS Residency】 TAKEDA Yusuke: Group exhibition in Taipei

2018/11/26 (Mon)


2018/11/26 (Mon)

【TOKAS Residency】 Luciana JANAQUI :Open Studio in Madrid

2018/11/15 (Thu)

【TOKAS Hongo】Announcement of successful candidates for TOKAS-Emerging 2019

2018/11/15 (Thu)

【TOKAS Residency】 MUKAI Eriko :Open Studio in Helsinki

2018/11/8 (Thu)

【News】Film Screening & Talk by Andreas Hartmann on 11/16(Fri)

2018/10/30 (Tue)

【News】The announcement of the International Selection Committee for "Tokyo Contemporary Art Award 2019-2021"

2018/10/10 (Wed)

【TOKAS Hongo】Announcement of successful candidates for residency programs 2019

2018/10/5 (Fri)

【TOKAS Residency】 Announcement of successful candidates for Exchange Residency Program 2018 (Invited creators from abroad).

2018/10/3 (Wed)

【TOKAS Hongo】Important notice for the talk event on 10/9 (Tue.)

2018/10/2 (Tue)

【TOKAS Hongo】OPEN SITE 2018-2019 Ticket Booking available!

2018/10/1 (Mon)

【Important Notice】New location for TOKAS Office

2018/9/7 (Fri)

【TOKAS Hongo】10/9 (Tue) Artist's Talk: Zhang Peili @ Tokyo University of the Arts

2018/7/27 (Fri)

【TOKAS Residency】 MAKIZONO Kenji:Group exhibition in Seoul

2018/7/17 (Tue)

【TOKAS Residency】 MAKIZONO Kenji:Seminar in Seoul

2018/6/16 (Sat)

【TOKAS Hongo】Announcement of successful candidates for OPEN SITE 2018-2019

2018/6/11 (Mon)

【TOKAS Residency】 SOYA Asae: Solo exhibition in Basel

2018/6/8 (Fri)

【TOKAS Residency】 FUKUNAGA Atsushi:Solo exhibition in Berlin

2018/5/28 (Mon)

【TOKAS Residency】 Open Call for the Residency Programs 2019!!