SHIMURA Nobuhiro

SHIMURA Nobuhiro


Born in Tokyo in 1982. Lives and works in Chiba. Graduated with an MA in Imaging Arts and Sciences from Musashino Art University in 2007.

Recent exhibitions and activities
2022 “Flower of Life”, Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum, Shizuoka
2021 “Interplay”, KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre
2021 “Art Lab 02 Shimura Nobuhiro: Projection”, Chiba City Museum of Art
2020 “Garden of Life: Eight Contemporary Artists Venture into Nature”, Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

About works / performance

Shimura makes video installations that deal with familiar subjects such as everyday things and landscapes, and video works in which he uses a documentary approach to focus on difficult-to-visualize social problems and historical events. His recent interest in art education has inspired him to conduct a variety of workshops based on the themes of art history and symbols.

Airing Book (Tatsuko Hoshino's collection of haiku poem) 2021
photo: KATO Ken 

Nostalgia, Amnesia 2019

Japanese Cattle 2015

bucket garden 2012
photo: Hako Hosokawa