SAITO Haruka

SAITO Haruka

Born in Nagano in 1988. Lives and works in Tokyo.
Graduated with a BA in Oil Painting from Tama Art University in 2011.

Recent exhibitions:
“Group Show of Contemporary Artists 2020 ‘Sunburn After Swimming in the Painted Pool’,” Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
“Sleeping While Standing/ Speaking While Swimming,” Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, 2020
“If the Painted Juice Were Not Real, We Wouldn’t Exist in This Form in This World,” The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, 2017
“TWS-Emerging 2012 ‘the visible star and the invisible star from the earth which looked at the spectacle that can be recalled and the spectacle that cannot be recalled, are revolving each other, including the earth’,” TWS Hongo, Tokyo

Recent awards:
“Art Orinpia 2015” Executive Committee Special Award
“Tokyo Wonder Wall 2011” Tokyo Wonder Wall Prize
About works / performance

The Shadow Shapes are Mountains 2017
Wall, three projectors, acrylic board, chain, string, bracket, board, illumination light, stone etc. 

An Visible Star and An Invisible Star from the Earth which Looked at the Scene that Can be Recalled and the Scene that Cannot be Recalled are Revolving Each Other, Including the Earth.  2012
Cassette tape, magnet, bookmark string, projector etc.

Dream of UNAGIINU / Story of UNAGIINU (detail) 2020
Oil on board, hinge