OLTA is an Artist group made up of 6 persons born between1983 to 1988.

The member consists of Toru INOUE, Kazuhide KAWAMURA, Takafumi SAITO, Yoshiro HASEGAWA, MEGUNINJA, Jang-Chi.
The main exhibitions in recent years have "VISCERAL SENSATION-Voices So Far, So Near" 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa 2013, "TOKYO STORY 2013 PART1"Now. Here""Tokyo Wonder Site 2013, "Tumulus Spirits" Daikanyama Art Street 2012, "Golden Nostalgia"nap gallery 2011, "Finger Sculpture" Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum 2011, "NEXT-TWS 10 YEARS!" Tokyo Wonder Site 2011, "Soil Spirits" NHK YOKOHAMA/KAAT atrium 2011, "Moeru Yamada to Nekomanma" Akibatamabi21 2010, Taro Okamoto:The Man -The 100Th Anniversaryof His Birth"Exhibition Related Program Yokohama Triennale 2011 Cooperation Program.

OLTA was awarded Taro OKAMOTO Award of The 14th Taro OKAMOTO Award for Contemporary Art and The 4th Emerging Artist Suppot Program of Tokyo wonder site in 2009.

About works / performance

It is a major theme in modern times that can be moved easily with a variety of communication, or how can society and the human body take root in place.
OLTA has been expressed in the form to capture the performance to sculpture installations and the image of the present day covered in media and technology from primitive is a memory of ancient times slept under the asphalt.
We aimed how people could share any close connections by searching solutions of how we could disconnect the many boundaries such as between landscape and body, solo and group, and even the ancient time and the future through the performances.



2.GENSHI Man-DOGU Man.jpg

GENSHI Man-DOGU Man,2012-2013,digital video

3.GENSHI Man-DOGU Man.jpg

GENSHI Man-DOGU Man,2012-2013,digital video

4.Digestion of the earth.jpg

Digestion of the earth,2013,mixed media

5.Soil Shrine.jpg

Soil Shrine,2011,Soil,straw,wood,bamboo,stone,etc