Born in 1978. Graduated from Parahyangan University for Bachelor in Architecture in 2002 and continuing in Design Academy Eindhoven, Holland from 2006-2008 for IM conceptual design.
Recent 5 main activities are :
1. "Little Water", Dojima River Biennale,Osaka,Japan (2013)
2. "Of Human Scale and Beyond", Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong (2012)
3. "Shout!", Museo d'Arte Contemporanea (MACRO), Rome,Italy (2014)
4. "Makan Angin", Cemeti Art House Residency, Yogyakarta (2014)
5. " (Dis)appear", Primae Noctis,Lugano,Switzerland (2015)

In recent years I had been working on various concepts from the concepts of 'boundaries', 'identity' and 'nation' through my works. In 2010 I presented "rotatable painting", where I place interaction as another way to communicate and challenge the audience about art. This was followed by The Wall : Asian Un(real) Estate project (2011), Identifying Indonesia (2012) and NGACO (2014), which were my reflections about Indonesia today. Recently I tried to trace back my early passion in drawing and mathematics, emotion and calculation, archive and imagination, in more recent contexts. This can be seen in my Painting Sense (2014) and Abstract series (2015).

About works / performance

Aditya_Conversation Unknown-2015-drawing installation.jpg

Conversation Unknown
2015, drawing installation

Aditya_Identifying Indonesia series-2011-2013-installation.jpg
Identifying Indonesia series
2011-2013, installation

Aditya_Match or Mess-2014-card games.jpg
Match or Mess
2014, card games

Aditya_The Alphabet of Tools (Brush)-2014-object.jpg
The alphabet of tools (Painting Sense)
2014, object

Aditya_NGACO Solution For Nation-2014-material store.jpg
NGACO Solution for nation
2014, performative installation

Aditya_The Wall Asian Un(real)Estate Project-2012-installation.jpg

The Wall : Asian Un(real) Estate Project
2012, interactive installation