Aditya Novali

Residency Program

International Creator Residency Program

update: 2019.10.24

Aditya Novali

Participating ProjectInternational Creator Residency Program
Activity BasedIndonesia
Period2016.1 - 2016.3
Purpose of the residency

Urbanism and globalization are future issue in human mankind. It is a reality that transforms the way we see life and what is matter. Somehow, this universal issue is actually very personal and reflected through small thing or living space that we had been inhabited. We had been flooded with objects and I believe that object, space and people are actually the elements that altogether shape our humanitarian value. One similarity between Indonesia and Japan is that we both live in "ring of fire" territory, means that we must ready for anytime natural disaster that might come. I hope through this project, to raise awareness that, in the end, the most precious thing in live is our life. Can be our object or living space save us? This residency will be a great opportunity for me as an artist from developing country to have a real encounter and experience to understand and exchange idea on how we should see our relation with object and space to create a better solution on the rapid and instant world we live in today.

Plan during the residency

Since 2011, I started series of observations on how people react with this issue. I compare cities in Asia that I visited like Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Pyongyang to some cities in Indonesia.
Japan, and Tokyo particularly is very interesting for its characters. It's a mix of everything, from tradition-modernity to limitation-innovation.
In the first phase, I will continue my observation through how people live and relate with objects surrounding them. Every object (including living space) is an "artifact of time" so it represents and records the shifting value and norm on our society today.
I plan to create a method and code (can be visualized in diagram, object, video or even photograph) that audience can actually use it to make their own "pattern" to have "new" relationship with the object and living space that they used to had before.

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