Sera Yu Wen CHEN

Sera Yu Wen CHEN


Sera Yu Wen Chen, lives in Taipei. Graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with an MFA in 2019.
She mainly works on video and photo-based installations. In recent years, her works have been exhibited in New York, Chicago, Warsaw, and Taipei.

Recent exhibitions
2021 “Scenery in Mock-up” Kuandu Museum of Fine Art, Taipei
2021 “Herbal Urbanism Hsinchu: Margins of the City as Method” 241 Art Space, Hsinchu
2019 “Everyday Fictionality: Beholding Shadows of Illusion” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
2019 “Terms & Conditions” SoMad Studio, New York
2018 “Within Receding Horizons” Sullivan Galleries, Chicago

Awards, Grants
2021 Taiwan National Culture and Arts Foundation Grants-Visual Art project
2020 Collection of Taipei Fine Arts Museum (The Habitat on The Skyline 2016-2019)
2019 Taipei Art Selection Awards

About works / performance

Chen examines the autonomy and contingency of images from an ontological perspective and emphasizes that the purpose of creation is not only to observe but also to perceive, reflect and introspect. Her works focus on urban observations and the formation of cultural identity while probing the invisible and unstable relationship between the human, the environmental, and the social. By interweaving non-linear narrative and mixed media, she explores the heterogeneity of the narrative system between fiction and non-fiction and attempts to construct a possible perceptual space and a dialectic field that is beyond mere visual aesthetics.

The Order of Things I : Behold the Glass Before the Cave, 2020
2020, Two-Channel Video installation, Museum Case, Acrylic sign, Sound, 25 mins

The Habitat on The Skyline#1
2019, Photo-installation, Plastic board, Silk cotton printing, Brick, 225x18x185cm

The Naturalness I
2017, Two-Channel Video-installation, Plants, Plastic plants, Sound, Loop, Various Dimensions

The Naturalness II
2018, Three-Channel Video-installation Sound, Loop, Various Dimensions