KURODA Daisuke

Residency Program

Local Creator Residency Program

update: 2021.5.20

KURODA Daisuke

Participating Project    
Local Creator Residency Program
Activity Based Japan
Period2021.5 - 2021.7
Purpose of the residency

I was originally planning to review my previous works and concentrate on creation through conversation with international artists, hoping for new developments. However due to the travel restriction caused by Covid-19, this conversation became impossible.
Now I would like to use my time to think about myself and society in Tokyo under a state of confusion by the Olympics and Covid-19, and create a lot of work.

Plan during the residency
  • Research on East Asian sculpture that I have been working on
  • Production of a video work that superimposes Dante's Divine Comedy, section of Inferno (Hell), with the Hell of East Asian sculpture
  • I would like to think about sculpture as an extended body based on my own body

Activities during the residency

I worked on two themes of research and artwork in Tokyo.

1. I tried to create an "imaginary artist" from the traces of objects left behind by artists who had stayed at TOKAS Residency in the past. I came up with this idea from the absence of co-resident artists under the COVID19 pandemic. How to proceed this project was mainly by interviews.

2. I researched 20th-century Japanese sculptures, including statues located around the Imperial Palace and Olympic-related sculptures, and produced a video series on four sculptors: Okuma Ujihiro, Fujita Bunzo, Takamura Koun, and Goto Sadayuki.

I showed the works briefly in a three-day exhibition. It was a great opportunity for me to show my work to the people I wanted to show it personally.

Residency Plan Meeting               

Research of “Imaginary Artist”  ©IIKAWA Takehiro

Studio Visit with HAKAMATA Kyotaro

Studio Visit with ARAKI Natsumi

Outcome of the residency

Although I could not advance my research smoothly because of confusions of information caused by the pandemic, I made a lot of progress and discoveries on my creation. I could make myself clear about the relation between the sculpture research which I have been doing for several years and my own artwork, and I am now confident in developing it further.

Installation of Open Studio ©IIKAWA Takehiro   

Exhibition View of Open Studio “Hints of Festivity” ©IIKAWA Takehiro

Exhibition View of Open Studio “Hints of Festivity” ©IIKAWA Takehiro

Exhibition View of Open Studio “Hints of Festivity” ©IIKAWA Takehiro

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