Residency Program

Institutional Recommendation Program


Participating Project  Institutional Recommendation Program
Activity Based France
City Tokyo
Period 2021.2- 2021.6
Purpose of the residency

I will undertake a work of research and outreach with a group of newly arrived Arab heritage individuals to Japan. While doing so, I will produce a film about their personal trajectories, from the discovery of this new environment, the personal, social and cultural shake-up, and how this is reflected in my own condition.
Around this film, there will be a series of drawings, collages and photographs allowing for an in-depth contextualization of the process of discovery then integration into a distant, foreign country, where you will start a new life.

Plan during the residency
  • meet individuals of Arab heritage in Tokyo, collect their testimonies, draw, take pictures, collect personnal material on video.
  • write a story for my video based on the collected materials
  • add new drawings to my series of pocket drawings in matchboxes 'a country without a door or a window' started in 2016, already exhibited in Jordan, and at Palais de Tokyo. earlier drawings has been acquired by several museums.
  • hopefully being able to make a midway screening of my film 'my imaginary country' at the end of residency
  • conduct two workshops in March with Theater Commons Tokyo '21

*Bady Dalloul, 2021 laureate of Villa Kujoyama, conducts his project in Japan.
His residency for research in Tokyo is realized thanks to the partnership between Villa Kujoyama and Tokyo Arts and Space(TOKAS). (February-April 2021)

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