Residency Program

Exchange Residency Program (Japan-based creators sent abroad)

update: 2019.10.4


Participating ProjectExchange Residency Program
(Japanese Creators sent abroad)
City /Place stayed Japan
CitySeoul / MMCA Residency Goyang
Period2018.6 - 2018.8
Purpose of the residency

In June 2017, Korean President Moon Jae-in declared an "energy shift policy" and upholded non-nuclear power. This new policy, which is contrary to Japanese one, how does this change affect(reflect/concern) to people living in Seoul? Working on the social-based project by collaborating with people there, it will gain me a meaningful opportunity to carry on the approach in my future practice in Japan.

Plan during the residency

Activity Plan
I will form a band with selected members through public recruitment. We will compose a song with the theme of energy by interviewing people in Seoul on the energy shift announcement of the current administration. I will create an installation system that converts the energy generated by playing instruments to light. Using the installation system, the band performance will be conducted. The final outcome will be a document video of the whole process, an installation piece, and a live performance.

With the certain message in lyrics, the music emitted using electricity may not to be resonated to anyone, it may just produce a false reverberation. If it is so, what would be the point of the project? However, the act of playing the guitar itself generates slight electricity. Using energy as a physical phenomenon and a metaphor of the artistʼs desire, I seek the relationship between the link of individual and society, energy, electricity, and art.

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