Jean-Maxime DUFRESNE (Jean-Maxime DUFRESNE & Virginie LAGANIÈRE)

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2019.10.7

Jean-Maxime DUFRESNE (Jean-Maxime DUFRESNE & Virginie LAGANIÈRE)

Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedCanada
Period2018.2 - 2018.3
Purpose of the residency

Tokyo could be considered a laboratory for infraordinary realities that stem from the megapolis' culture of congestion. Using means that include photography, video and sound, we intend to develop an architectural fiction that reveals shifting states of being and forms of engagement with the urban condition. We are particularly drawn to the psychical distortion of space and time, the blurring of public/private domains and narrative strategies found in Japanese literary works. Embedded in this research is an exploration of social futures, including one's need to constantly recast a mental space ('oku') in highly contrasted living environments and the increasing reliance on technology in times of morphing urban identities.

Plan during the residency

- Develop urban observations to identify situations and locations as a 'spatial blueprint' to build up a layered narrative
- Research sites of architectural significance in Tokyo, with some ties to urban theory, that could be explored in the residency work
- Produce on-site photography, video and sound recordings as core material for the work
- Meet with sound performers, coming from the experimental, noise and traditional music scene, to improvise with atmospheric components
- Explore Tokyo's cultural milieu and art scene

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