KANAI Manabu

Residency Program

Exchange Residency Program (Japan-based creators sent abroad)

update: 2019.10.17

KANAI Manabu

Participating ProjectExchange Residency Program
(Japanese Creators sent abroad)
Activity Based
City / Place stayed Quebec / Centre Clark
Period2017.4 - 2017.6
Purpose of the residency

Over my researches in recent few years, I explored some philosophical ideas about the notion of 'techniques' and 'inventions' which occur in the conjunction of human and matters, and attempted to derive a specific methodology for actual art practice from the ideas.
Following the researches, I intend to develop my art practice by seeking the full potential of my methodology on actual art practice through this residency program.
With the incredible environment and equipments in Centre Clark, I'd like to undertake the 'research and development' to explore materialities of various media, and challenge to embody new form of art as my new art work.
I'm also very keen to have dialogues and share ideas with local art communities and other resident artists.

Plan during the residency

In the residency at Centre Clark, I intend to undertake to make new body of work through 'research and development' and show it in a kind of exhibition format.
The first half of residency period, I am planning to focus on experimental process to explore the materiality of medium and the possibility of alternative formation of new form of art which inhere in the materials.
With the specialist's technical advices in the workshop at Centre Clark, I would like to challenge to work on new ideas without fear of failure.
At the latter half, I will finalize the research and development process, then work towards the wrapping up this residency with finishing and showing new artwork at there.
Besides this creative project, I will have artistic exchange with local artists and scholars.

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