Tsz Yan Ng

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2019.9.17

Tsz Yan Ng

Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedUnited States
Period2016.6 - 2016.7
Purpose of the residency

Japan, unlike other Asian countries is at the forefront of innovative design both in fashion and building. China and other Southeast Asian countries with garment industries focus on expediency of 'fast fashion' given the availability of a cheap labor force. The same can be said of the building industry. Japan's textile and building industries situate design and human crafting at the core of creative production, all the while integrating technological innovation as part of the process. It is under this premise, of understanding this intimate relationship of design and making that this research fellowship is based. This includes the examination of both traditional and contemporary techniques in textile production and manipulation (as textile themselves and in design).

Plan during the residency

Research for the residency includes visits to design studios and workshops for trying out techniques specific to Japanese textiles manufacturing. This includes traditional techniques for dyeing fabrics (Edo Sarasa, Edo Komon, and Indigo dyeing), weaving, and manipulation of textiles (including cotton, wool, and synthetic material). These techniques will be considered through specific design implications for clothing, everyday artifacts, or in architectural production. Interest specifically in design by Issey Miyake Studio, NUNO Textile Manufacturing, Comme des Garcons studio, and Anrealage design will be the focus. If possible, some of these techniques will be examined and tested through my own material making, time and availability of tools permitting.

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