Tsz Yan Ng

Tsz Yan Ng

update: 2016.6.1


Born in 1974. Graduated from Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art, and Planning in 2001.
Recent 5 main activities are:
The Visibility of Labor (2015, 9338 Campau Gallery), Factory Setting: the space of labor (2013, 2739 Edwin Street Gallery), StereoNegative_a tribute to Tony Smith (2012, Detroit Institute of Art for Dlectricity contemporary light art festival), Shuttling the Grid (2012, WUHO Gallery), The Spratly Fatigue (2011, EMU Gallery)

In Architecture, my built commissions are mainly in the US and China. My visual art practice, in the form of installation work explores material making and work that deals with clothing manufacturing and issues of labor. Many of the installations and design work are selected through juried competitions and by invitation. This includes StereoNegative_a tribute to Tony Smith (2012 for the contemporary light art event Dlectricity), The Spratly Fatigue (2011 for the exhibition Looking Both Ways), and The Visibility of Labor (solo exhibition, 2015). My work has been exhibited in Detroit, Los Angeles, Ann Arbor, Montreal, Ithaca, and Buffalo. I was the recipient of an Art Matters Foundation Grant (2015), MacDowell Colony Fellowship (2014), and teaching fellowships at the University of Michigan (Walter B. Sanders Fellowship, 2007-08) and the State University of New York at Buffalo (Reyner Banham Fellowship, 2001-02).

About works / performance


Lafayette 148 New York, Shantou, China
Building in Shantou China, includes factory, offices, and showroom.
In collaboration with Mehrdad Hadighi. Photograph by But Sou Lai

Visibility of Labor
Detail view at entrance of 9338 Campau Gallery

StereoNegative_a tribute to Tony Smith
View through Tony Smith's Gracehoper of glowing pink pavilion (negative space of Smith's sculpture)

Factory Setting: the space of labor
In-progress weaving in gallery with custom loom

The Spratly Fatigue
Detail view of installation