Asia Piaścik

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2019.10.28

Asia Piaścik 

Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedPoland
Period2016.5 - 2016.5
Purpose of the residency

The research I intend to undertake in Tokyo is connected to Reflex project, which I was developing throughout the last year. Reflex is a project created as a solution to brighten the north front of the building. Reflective screens brought on the building facing the south side direct the rays of sunlight to the neighbours, who gets much less sunlight. Screens are built of the modular elements, which can be combined together and freely arranged on the wall. High buildings and dense network of streets create the environment, where the direct sunlight in the window becomes a luxury. I am intending to research for other simple and more complex solutions for dealing with the luck of direct sunlight in the big cities.

Plan during the residency

I am intending to research condition of the streets of Tokyo, concerning the access to the sunlight and also observing the solutions for the problem. Starting from the simple architectonical solutions, positioning of the windows etc., using the reflections, to more complex solutions, like the examples of solar lighting systems piping the sunlight into spaces with no window at all, which are developed in the region of Tokyo. I would like to get in contact with the producer of the Himawari Solar Lighting systems, developed in Tokyo, see the application of this solution in the real life. Next step would be working on adapting the solutions to the characteristic of polish cities architecture and implementing them in the future.

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