Kim Jeawon

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2019.10.28

Kim Jeawon

Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedUnited States
Period2016.5 - 2016.6
Purpose of the residency

Korea and Japan are geographically very close and our histories are inextricable in the past and even in the present. But we have created our own very different cultures and philosophies, and these vivid differences also appear in contemporary visual art. My main purpose in Tokyo Wonder Site residency is to observe Korean and Japanese traditional and modern architecture on an objective point of view and research historical and cultural similarities and differences between them. Based on my research and study for one month in Tokyo, I would like to reinterpret the physicality and visuals of the architecture; its exterior shapes, historical background and concepts of specific structures, and transform them into a visual art form. Ultimately, the research will be potential nourishment and resources for my future art practice.

Plan during the residency

My main activity will be a research Japanese architecture, traditional through to contemporary architecture in Tokyo, and study its spatiality from the appearance to the essence. First of all, I am planning to visit traditional places and museums in Tokyo and the suburbs, and study its exterior shapes and structure. From these fundamental components, I will focus on the historical background and cultural meaning of the architecture and place. The final output will be photography, writing, drawing and third dimensional artworks, and if I could have more time and chance, I would like to present a site specific installation work as a guerrilla project.

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