KIM Jeawon

KIM Jeawon

update: 2016.6.1


Born in 1987. Graduated from MFA School of Visual Art, New York in 2015.

Recent 5 main activities are The Third Space/2015/350 Whitesboro St/Utica/NY, And Then It Starts to Sound Like the Beach/2015/270 Broadway Rooftop Sculpture Park/Brooklyn/NY, The Battery Project/2014/Patarei Prison/Tallinn/Estonia, Carry More/2014/Kepco Art Center/Seoul/South Korea, Add Me/2013/Contemporary Art Space CASO/Osaka/Japan.

Jeawon Kim's artwork has been exhibited in South Korea, Japan and United States. She has been participating in projects, which are held in spaces that have been abandoned for historical and political reasons for a long time but still contain their own meaning and story. She received 20/20 Artists Honor from the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2013 and participated in Sculpture Space Artist-in-Residency in Utica, NY in 2015.

About works / performance

01_Kim Jeawon.jpg

A Fragment of Memories 2
2012. Drawings on paper, drawings on a wall, thread, fishing wire.
Dimensions variable.

02_Kim Jeawon.jpg

The Reverie 5
2014. Radiant film, video projection. Dimensions variable.

03_Kim Jeawon.jpg
The Reverie 6
2014. Radiant film, found objects. Dimensions variable.

04_Kim Jeawon.jpg
The Third Space 1
2015. Paper, pins, drawings on a wall. Dimensions variable.

05_Kim Jeawon.jpg
The Third Space 3
2015. Printed photographs, foam cord, fishing wire.
Dimensions variable.

06_Kim Jeawon.jpg
The Third Space 7
2015. Paint peels, fishing wire, thread, pins. Dimensions variable.

07_Kim Jeawon.jpg
The Third Space 8
2015. Paint peels, fishing wire, thread, pins, Dimensions variable.

08_Kim Jeawon.jpg
The Dried-Up Well 8
(The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Murakami Haruki)
2016. Wood shavings, glue. Dimensions variable.

09_Kim Jeawon.jpg

The Dried-Up Well 8
(Seashells series)
2016. Seashells, wood shavings, glue. Dimensions variable.