Sabine Lubbe Bakker

Residency Program

Institutional Recommendation Program

update: 2019.11.7

Sabine Lubbe Bakker

Participating ProjectInstitutional Recommendation Program                 
Activity BasedThe Netherlands
Period2013.8 - 2013.9
Purpose of the residency

During the residency period I will have time to research in depth my plans for documentaries. The purpose is to have prepared all the necessary work in order to start shooting the film. I want to talk to people but also write my plans elaborately and make images, and record sounds.

Plan during the residency

I have three ideas I want to research. The first one is looking for what does a stagnating economy has to offer. The second one is about the Japanese kids who take part in the complicated subway system everyday. The third one more a topic and is related to my first question; I would like to research about the elderly lifestyle as Japan is the country which ages most rapidly.

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