Barbara Dukas

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2019.11.7

Barbara Dukas

Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedGreek
Period2013.1 - 2013.1
Purpose of the residency

Noichi the blind - an Odd-yssey
The American writer, Chet Williamson inspired by greek origin's author Lefkadios Hern stories and life, who lived in Japan from 1889-1903, wrote Noichi the Blind, the story of a woodcutter whose confrontation with a mountain demon plunges his life into a nightmare of violence, self-delusion and extreme sexual darkness.
Our project concerns interdisciplinary work , formated as an interactive with the audience 'outdoors ritual promenade , and an 'indoors' installation using filmed material shooted 'in situ', presenting the eternal journey of love and delusion as a strange ecological and ontological fairy tale, about humanity's blindness.
In Japan we intent to connect with the country that Lefkadios Hearn adopted as his beloved place in the world. This 'ideal' and 'romantic' point of view of a very strict ritual society that enchanted Hearn, became one of the most known center of our modern hi-tech civilization and technology's 'melting pot'. We are now interested to research how the contemporary capital , Tokyo, reflects the ritual in every day life, re- opens the archetypical to the modern life and baptize the main case of our story about the 'illusion' of man's achievements, to the eternal contrasts : Truth- Reality / Life- Illusion / Life-Death / Blindness-Consciousness .

Plan during the residency

Mission of this research is the identification of small rituals that define daily life in Tokyo and may contribute to the emergence of history editing: Such as :
・ The ritual of eating and bathing
・ The burial customs and the state of the dead body before the farewell
・ The 'fake' lives through videogames
・ Communication Modes, Μοdes of sleeping and travelling [i.e: capsules]
・ Extremities in libido, in dressing, search the 'profane' in contemporary culture
・ samples from TV shows
・ Samples of the theatrical tradition
・ storytelling performances with ghosts or similar
For the above would require a series of visits to public places, museums, theaters, cemeteries, gardens, restaurants etc.
I should be grateful if you could secure my permission photographing or videotaping, and if possible a free pass.
My work in Tokyo is essentially a collection of such information, we would like to edit the existing material, and if possible with live interviews from the community of artists who have hosted or been hosted at TWS, or some people who you could have access to: i.e: a modern philosopher, academic, curator, artist, etc.
A list of such people who we could approach would be very useful.
During these days, it is necessary for us to visit:
1) The National Museum Miraikan
2) In Matsue to visit the Museum and House of Lefkadios Hearn
These all will sustain the material of an hypper text together with photo show-reel that will be exposed to a website with the name of the project, visited by people who want to enhance further continuation.

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