Guido Ferilli

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2019.11.21

Guido Ferilli

Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedItaly
Period2011.10 - 2011.11
Purpose of the residency

Tokyo can play a key role for the development of a new wave of cultural production in many sectors of the creative industries. Tokyo is now going through one of the most difficult moments of its recent history, after the catastrophic effects caused by the Tohoku Area Pacific Offshore Earthquake. An event unique, as it was the World War II that has been metabolized by the populations also thanks to the development of an extraordinary vein of creativity that has been expressed in the traditional arts (painting, sculpture, visual arts), but also through the production of subcultures (manga, anime, video game, cinema). These sectors will take inspiration in future for the production of new genres and content those reflect changes in Japanese society in which all the world at the moment is inspired. Today, for example, it is almost impossible to find in Italy (as in many other countries in the world) a person who does not recognize itself in a few generations of manga or anime, many of which related to the theme of disasters, from Miyazaki's Conan Future Boy, to Godzilla and more recent Tokyo magnitude 8.0, Legend Hakuryū and Disaster Report 4 (play station game). During my residency research I will proactively study who and how the creative production can contribute the development of renovated creative production that emerge from the society, renewing the central role of creative industries for the narrative of the effects of these dramatic events on the private life of every citizen, community and the effect for the humanity in general, considering the importance and actuality of these themes (environment, use of natural resources, production and use of energy, but also lifestyle, personal and social well being etc.), and how the creative production can develop a renewed Japanese cultural wave renovated and capable to reinforce the national and local identity.

Plan during the residency

The city of Tokyo is the most important international hub of the Japanese creative productions. I will investigate how the artistic and cultural production in the past has described the catastrophic events, distinguish each cultural and creative sectors in terms of social development, culture and identity construction of Tokyo and how this is reflected in the rest of the world. I will analyze the traditional and more innovative instruments that can promote the most advanced forms of creative production and co-artistic production, such us Web. 3.0, apple tools, Wicki mapping and keitai-shousetsu for the narrative of the Earthquake. These purposes will be reached only thanks to meetings and interviews with artists, curators and managers for understand their reactions to the events, also in term of new project ideas.

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