Nguyen Anh Tuan

Residency Program

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update: 2019.11.28


Participating ProjectJENESYS Programme
Activity BasedVietnam
Period2010.6 - 2010.8
Purpose of the residency

n the context of art, the world is changing fast and becoming more global; as a result artists all over the world have more chances to share and learn about each other. By creating a mixture (both in a positive and negative meaning) between cultures, art is experiencing essential movements and changes, becoming wider and deeper. It would be a great opportunity for me to develop my thinking, concentrate on practicing, experimenting with new ideas, new materials, new art techniques. Meeting up with artists from all over the world would be a precious chance to exchange, discuss ideas and experiment with the practice of art

Plan during the residency
Residency Program Exihibition 2010-2011" TOKYO STORY 2010"
On Site Lab Workshop Series 5
"Luxurious Time and Space"
Project Room On Site Lab Workshop Series 5
"Luxurious Time and Space"
Research & Workshop TWS × GTS Exhibition
"Tokyo Void" On Site Lab Workshop Series 5 "
Luxurious Time and Space"
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--- I want to experience the life style of modern Japan, improvise the real environment and create the ideas that coordinate with that publicity. That work can be a live performance, an environmental impact, or the objects which have the relation between the individual and that environment. I am planning to make a project " one week- one project" which happens every week during the residency by different actions on different communities.

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