Mat Jacob (Tendance Floue)

Residency Program

Institutional Recommendation Program

update: 2019.11.27

Mat Jacob (Tendance Floue)

Participating ProjectInstitutional Recommendation Program
Activity BasedFrance
Period2010.6 - 2010.6
Purpose of the residency

In the framework of the "NoMad" review created and publishad by Tendance Floue, the photographers collectiv will travel all around the world to work about the word « sharing ».
Regarding this idea, « sharing » in form and  content, the photographers will make their pictures and will ask local contributors - such as poets, novelists, sociologist, economists, artists, designers etc. - to give their vision too. Theses collaborations are essential to the construction of the magazine and the continuity of the project "Mad In...".

Plan during the residency

Mat Jacob's project in Tokyo is conceived as a immersion in Manga world. With Monica Santos, he is already working on comic strips produced by photos. They are the protagonists of the story but will try to meet a local mangas drawer for sharing this project. Both visions - the foreign and the local - will be mixed to produce an collectiv art product.

Achievements of the residency
After having inaugurated the "Mad in France" exhibition at the Franco-Japanese Institute, at the beginning of our stay we focused on the development of the new "Mad in" project, this time centralised on the theme of "sharing". The aim was to be inspired by Manga culture and contemporary Tokyo urban life to construct a narrative that combines different visual languages and cultures.

We were the main protagonists of the story aswell as engaging the collaboration of two other people: Mami co-resident at TWS and Wataru, fellow photographer. The played different roles in a pseudo crime mafia story that mainly took place around the Shibuya area. We contacted Nato Kio, a Manga artist, who will work alongside us to produce images to accompany the photographs and complete the visual narrative.

The larger part of the work remains still to be completed and ideally it will be part of the "NoMAd" publication by the Photography Collective Tendance Floue to come out in 2011.

Being at TWS gave us a great opportunity to meet other fellow artists that were working in Tokyo at the time to exchange impressions and ideas. However, our stay was extremely limited in time so we were forced to work hard and did not really have a lot of spare time. Perhaps our residence was slightly short altogether, and limited on budget and means.

Outcome of the exchange
The exchange at TWS was highly productive, a great opportunity to be at the very center of Tokyo in very comfortable accomodation. It allowed us to be briefly immersed in contemporary Tokyo life together with other artists with similar preoccupations. We hope to continue to collaborate with the center at further stages of the project.


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