Jongeun Lim

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2019.11.27

Jongeun Lim

Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedKorea
Period2010.4 - 2010.5
Purpose of the residency

In today's contemporary art practices from Korea, Japan and China, we often witness the emergence of the art works incorporating traditional materials or subject matters. One of the most prominent styles of such cases is with kitschy quality while it raises question whether it is just result from the trend driven by the art market principle. Such phenomenon in Korea's case, in particular, was mainly either interpreted or intended as act of embracing our own aesthetical heritage.
Proposed research is to create discourses on the meaning of Asian tradition in contemporary arts through comparative analysis of materials in the development in incorporating both Western and traditional aesthetics from Korea, China and Japan. This can be meaningful not only for Korea but also Japan in the sense that the study will reestablish the position of countries' tradition as well as to redefine where contemporary Asian art practices is located in the globalized art fields. The activities in this research mostly comprises of finding materials of traditional values and ideologies recreated in contemporary art in the three countries.

Plan during the residency


Researching at Tokyo Wonder Site, I will present my exhibitions and projects. I'm going to meeting and interview artists and curators and visiting museums where have scholars.

Achievements of the residency
In Tokyo I've met many good artists, curators and scholars. And Researching in Tokyo gave me an advantage to first-hand experience the culture in Which tradition is recreated in contemporary sense. Through the study, it is attempted to look at Asian art in up-to-dated, contemporary frame. My conclusion of research presented open studio of the residency at Tokyo Wonder Site.
After the residency, a booklet will be printed, Doctoral Thesis And an exhibition will be organized with findings.

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