Vishwa Shroff

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2019.11.28

Vishwa Shroff

Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedIndia
Period2010.4 - 2010.5
Purpose of the residency

At TWS I hope to research the apparent dilemma caused by the realness of display food that is always confusing the new comer, always making them ask the question: is it real? Closer inspection of-course reveals the truth, but it is this, the initial uncertainty that I want to explore. The mundane ness of the subject itself hopes to become thought provoking in its stupidity, or simply curious.

Plan during the residency


To investigate local reactions and understanding of Fake food displays around the city. Visits to Kappa-Bashi. Understand and document fake food and its iconography. Collaborate with Manufacturer to Make fake food. Explore restaurants with formal plated service with aim to learn and understand food finishing techniques, and food presentation methods. Researching Japanese formal dinner's display techniques, eating methods, table characteristics of people and entertainment within Tokyo.

Achievements of the residency
The time spent at TWS has provided the time required in Tokyo, as the base to research the project and also provided interactions and communications, which would otherwise not have been possible. The interactions with other Artists at the residence as well as TWS staff have helped greatly towards widening the perspectives and scope from its initial ideas. I am especially thankful for the insightful Conversations with Miwa and Yuta, who bought in a point of views which were so different from my own, that it allowed me a more objective understanding of my own work, and increased the scope of the research as well as what I hope will become the final installation. On my return to India, I will labour towards a more concrete realization of a planed performance keeping in mind the experiences I carry back with me.

Outcome of the exchange
The platform provided by TWS has been immensely supportive in understand Sokuhin Sampuru's usage and the way in which they are viewed in a place where they pre-dominantly exist. This provided an insight beyond the initial fascination, allowing me to extend the scope of the project from the medium towards a closer inspection of reality itself. At the same time I have been permitted a significant understanding of Japanese sensibilities towards design. This I believe will transcend all that I do, making all my projects more refined in their making.
The Open studio has considerably worked towards physical experimentations as well as a reactionary perceptive. These have bought a further insight into the possibilities and potentials of the project.



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Vishwa Shroff

Activities after the Residency


July 28, 2010
Open studio Night at Thewhynotplace residency 2010
Artsi, Religare, 7 Atmaram mansion, Scindia House, Kasturba Gandhi Marg.
TEL +91-11-43727000/7001

8 resident artists will talk briefly about their ideas and walk you through the photography, painting, sculpture, weaving and site-specific projects in progress. This is a unique opportunity to interact casually with the artists while gaining insight into the working process.

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