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update: 2019.11.27


Participating ProjectInternational Creator Residency Program
Activity BasedUnited Kingdom
Period2010.1 - 2010.3
Purpose of the residency

As our past work shows, we are interested in researching and reacting to a given context and its hidden and not so hidden stories. These interests generate a will to organise performative events, creation of artworks, installations and the design of communication tools as well as the documentation.

Plan during the residency

- To get to know the other residents, staff.
- To get to know the immediate area of Aoyama.
- To inventory and ask permission to use what is already available in the residency.
- To investigate museums and traditional collections in and around greater Tokyo in our ever research in establishing the Victoria and Alferd museum, a collection of Errors which is an ongoing project about human mistakes which takes place in museum collections.
- Alongside the research and creation of an exhibition and events, we will establish a programme to work on a publication representing the whole process and artworks. 

■Describe it concretely.
January: within and only within the archive of Tokyo Wondersite
        within and only within five minutes (by foot) of the residency building
       within and only within 15 minutes (by bike) around the residency building
Week four: within and only within 1 hour (by metro/train) around the residency building
February: possible/needed partnership
March: Event

Achievements of the residency
During this residency we have met people both from within and outside the residency very easily despite an environment we could define as more of an office than an artist's studio. The staff at TWS was very friendly but we noticed a limitation in basic tools and equipment.
To meet people in the same program was very inspiring especially inspiring was the openess of the program where we met musicians and composers, a rare feature in a sometimes pigeon-holed art world. As the nature of our work always involve others, the presence of artists who we met and worked with was rather easy. We understand that residencies are more oriented towards single artists so the artist fee for us was difficult (including one flight we had to pay ourselves). These were conditions we accepted from the beginning but as we naturally produced work for two it was sometimes felt that it could take this kind of case in the future.

Outcome of the exchange
Overall we only have positive feedback on the residency. As we write this report we are still in the process of preparing an exhibition with all the artists taking part in the residency. However, the fact that none of us would be present to prepare or the opening of this should be reconsidered in the future. Regarding our future activities, programs such as TWS are the places and moments where our practice thrives the best and we cannot recommend it more to other artists and collectives.








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