Julián Elvira

Residency Program

Institutional Recommendation Program

update: 2019.11.28

Julián Elvira

Participating ProjectInstitutional Recommendation Program
Activity BasedSpain
Period2009.11 - 2009.11
Purpose of the residency

Collaboration between his original flute -"Flauta Prónomo" and Japanese Shakuhachi.

Plan during the residency

This Project takes place in Japan, Syria and India. At the Tokyo process, there will be 10 days rehearsing period with the traditional flute Shakuhachi and the Pronomo flute which comprises in one flute all the possible sounds of traditional flutes around the world. He will meet with flutist Teruhisa Fukuda, and together, during the 10 days will develop a concert with traditional tones and contemporary pieces of Spanish composers using Shakuhachi and Pronomo flute.

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