Residency Program

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update: 2019.12.2


Participating ProjectJENESYS Programme
Activity BasedPhilippine
Period2009.7 - 2009.8
Purpose of the residency

In my work as a gallerist, my energies as an artist are used in making decisions and work for the artists that we show in Silverlens. Thus, my art has taken a backseat to the gallery. I am looking forward to spending creative personal time in Tokyo, a place that is most different from the places I have lived in. I plan to pick up my camera and begin shooting again on a daily basis. And if possible, be able to process and print in a darkroom. Both as artist and curator, I am also interested in curatorial practices and would like to meet curators, directors of contemporary art museums and founders of established art initiatives. I would like to learn about contemporary art practice in Japan and possibly begin collaborations between in Manila and Japan.

Plan during the residency

- Make pictures (shoot, process, print)
- Meet with established photographers
- Meet with established contemporary art gallerists
- Visit contemporary art museums, photography museums, art initiatives; meet their curators, directors, and founders (if possible)
- Research other interests: land art, public art, Japanese architecture, Japanese gardens

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