Haruka Kojin

Residency Program

Local Creator Residency Program

update: 2019.11.29

Haruka Kojin

Participating ProjectLocal Creator Residency Program
Activity BasedJapan
Period2009.5 - 2009.11
Purpose of the residency

I have looked for the inspiration in my works in observing the life and the environment around me. Until now, I have been creating my works in open places like Hiroshima or Toride, but this time my place of residence is right in the middle of a city! In this place, high buildings stand in rows, and I would like to see which design will come out in this case. At the same time, I would like to exchange opinions with the persons I will be living with, and get to be surprised through casual conversations.

Plan during the residency

OPEN STUDIO 2009 Mainly, conceptualizing and creating works. Observing my surroundings and drawing them in a note book. Taking on my work actively. That is why I am collecting information from outside and am thinking that it would be good to translate it in my activity at Tokyo Wonder Site.

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