Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2019.11.29

Lillian Fellmann

Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedSwitzerland
Period2009.4 - 2009.5
Purpose of the residency

Within my curatorial practice and theoretical research, international exchange and the politics of artistic production are the two most crucial fields of personal and academic investigation. As an independent curator I traveled far and wide in the East and South of Europe and beyond as well as the Americas. As the Artistic director of the Kunsthalle Lucerne, I am in the lucky position to not only query and inquire these places by meeting with artists in to show their work to a wider Swiss public and connect them to an international network. Art is an international language,some people say. I disagree. The art market might grow to be global,but the way people perceive the world and how they contest their realities is a culturally most distinct and personally most diverse act or activity. Art as the most critical and magnificent nerve end of our societal body mustn't be underestimated in its willingness to matter and to differ.But then again,differences and sameness do not exclude each other,and it is through dialogue that we can value them both.

Plan during the residency

[ Activity report ]
First week: Being introduced to art spaces and artists in Tokyo; Getting to know the city.
Second week: Doing Studio visits in Tokyo, reading about artistic and cultural traditions, visiting different cultural events.
Third week: Assess what I have seen and try to outline a possible exchange as well as focal point for a first exhibition at the Kunsthalle.
Fourth week: Meet certain artists again, do more studio visits; come to a conclusion,present the conclussion to TWS.
If possible, I would be very interested in acquiring some understanding of the Japanese language.

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