Dirk van Lieshout

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2019.11.29

Dirk van Lieshout

Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedThe Netherlands
Period2009.4 - 2009.5
Purpose of the residency

Doing research Tokio which is focused on one 'theme' 'the conditioning of human life'. 'Condition is a rather unspecific concept denoting the fact that something is being stipulated as a condition, leaving something or someone dependent on them. In tokio where 'conditioning is totally different from Europe I will do research to this theme which translates itself into performances,installations, mobile studios and making a weblog about tokio: www.dirkstudio.com

Plan during the residency

-Making an personal diary of the city, which translate itself into text,images ect.
-Doing 'actions' in public space, which deals with my topic
-making a tool(instrument) to understand the surrounding, which ends up in a new mobile studio (www.dirkstudio.com)

[ Activity report ]

■Reflection on the residence

I used the residence in Tokyo Wonder Site to develop a new mobile studio for the city Tokyo. The mobile studio for Tokyo is made out of an umbrella and a bag, and by fixing a half transparent structure around the umbrella, I created a new space which I marked as a 'BAR'.
I installed the BAR in different parts of Tokyo, invited people to have a seat, drink and write their experiences they have from their specific view from the inside bar on the plastic, so people who'll come after them will read their experiences.
Finally the bar became a display or instrument to interact with the local situation. The bar invites people to join my performance and see the city through a different perspective. After Tokyo the bar will travel to other cities like Seoul and Berlin.

Mobile studio (www.dirkstudio.com) *During the last two years I developed the mobile studio in different cities and countries around the world. The mobile studio is a instrument to work and show work (art) in the city where it's operating. The mobile studio is not limited to an exhibition place such as a gallery or a museum and can survive in the city itself.

" BAR"

" BAR"

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