Kyoko Ebata

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Exchange Residency Program (Japan-based creators sent abroad)

update: 2019.11.28

Kyoko Ebata

Participating ProjectExchange Residency Program (Japanese Creators sent abroad)
Activity BasedJapan
Period2009.1 - 2009.3
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Exchange Residency Program Annual Debriefing Session 2009
Briefing Session for TWS Residency Program 2009
Exchange Residency Program 2008, Dispatch (Seoul)

[ Activity Report ]

The Game-Keeper's Jam Cellar at SSamzie Space

From January 2009, I have participated in Ssamize Space Studio Program in Seoul as a part of Bilateral Exchange Residency Program of Tokyo Wonder Site to develop the work "The Game-Keeper's Jam Cellar". In March, I took a part in the 10th Open Studio which is the last open studio of Ssamize Space and displayed a 6 m print at the entrance hall and the 2 m prints in the half landings and in the studio with the support of Epson Korea Co., Ltd. More than 100 people supported throughout the project and I have visited the houses of nearly 50 people during the 3 months residency at the Ssamizie Space. I have worked not only with friends and the network of SSamizie Space, but also with the local community, including the Yum San Presbyterian Church in Mapo-gu, a local town councilor, a community welfare worker, a local artist who is working with the community, a local police in Daeboo Island and Ansan City Community Center. The result of the residency will be the open studio including the large size print in the entrance hall of SSamizie Space.
The work would have been impossible to realize without their understanding and devotion to the work of the people who were the mediators with the old people. The reason I choose Korean for my project was the deep and complicated relationship and the history between Korea and Japan. There is close linkage between the elderly people and the memory of the war. To think about the issue of aging is to pay attention to the issue which we usually try not to think about. I felt there is something in common with Japanese attitude towards the history of Korea including myself. The communication with the mediators takes a large part in the process of the production. The old people also welcomed me, who was a stranger and a Japanese, including people who had bad memories from the Japanese occupation. I really respect all the old people who I have met. Despite my diffidence with the aggressive nature, the act of shooting photography, they were confident enough to show their privacy and communicate with a stranger. They all have some sort of troubles. I saw some unfortunate situations even though I must have seen the better side of their lives. And yet they all live cheerfully and were happy to see us. I felt ashamed of my ill feelings and gained confidence to deepen the relationship and a good impression of old age awaiting us in our futures in many ways. The work expresses the story that objects tell with the expected sorrow because of the signs of death, the climax of the life in the air, and the gap between the revival fashion and the real life of elderly people who are living, but also questions the superficial image of old age and reflects our wish to find a hope in the aging society.
The stay in Korea was full of moving experiences with people who are so warm and dynamic. It was also very good opportunity to reexamine my culture. I would like to keep the exchange and pursue the development of the work with deeper communication.

Activities after the Residency

Curatorial Exhibition Competition (Art space) of Aichi Triennale 2010.
The Game Keeper's Jam Cellar Sep 15 Wed - Oct 3 Sun, 2010 *Closed on Monday.
Aichi Triennale is held from Sat 21 Aug to Sun 31 Oct, 2010 Art Space H, Aichi Arts Center 12F

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