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Wave Front -Australian Contemporary Art Scene-



TitleWave Front -Australian Contemporary Art Scene-
Date2007.2.15(Thu) - 2007.2.17(Sat)
Time11:00 - 19:00
Tokyo Wonder Site
Australian Embassy
Japan Foundation
VenueTWS Aoyama:Creator-in-Residence
Craig Walsh, Shaun Gladwell, TV Moore, Daniel Crooks, Daryl Buckley, Lisa Lim, Michael Riley
Dialogue with the city: sensation, dedication, emotional impulse
Yusaku Imamura
This project implemented in relation to the "Year of Exchange 2006 Australia Japan" introduces the leading edge of Australian contemporary art, and at once - as an opening project commemorating the launch of "TWS Aoyama Creator in Residence" in November 2006 - gives Australian artists the opportunity to create and exhibit works, and exchange with Japanese people while spending time in Tokyo. The program encompassing visual art and music made in Australia includes genre-crossing collaborations between cutting-edge art and contemporary classical music, realized in the form of workshops that provide occasions for dialogue between Australian and Japanese creators.

Artists invited for this project include Craig Walsh and Shaun Gladwell, who participated in the last Yokohama Triennale. While both approach their works in different ways, the relationship between the individual and the city is one central theme they both share. Gladwell shows physical movements in settings of contemporary cityscapes, in slow motion images that capture vividly the emotional impulses of city life. Walsh introduces a notion of unpredictability to urban sceneries, breathing life into windows and buildings that configurate the "city". His works display a strong sense of desire and connectedness between humans and their urban environments. Also shown are videos by TV Moore and Daniel Crooks. The images of TV Moore look like scenes taken from epic movies, and suggest all kinds of mental conflicts and other complex narratives that emerge out of life in the city. Crooks expands or shrinks sceneries into images that question our senses and perceptions as they seemingly liquefy time and space.
Furthermore, the project introduces works by Michael Riley, who has gained a reputation here in Japan as a leading figure in Australian contemporary art. We hope that you seize this occasion to experience the serene and tranquil world-view that emerged out of the depth of one individual's soul when his aborigine roots encountered Christianity (=Western culture) - two aspects that in this case neither oppose nor compromise each other.
In the realm of contemporary classical music, Elision Ensemble leader Daryl Buckley and composer Lisa Lim will present the results of collaborations between visual art and music. They will also hold workshops targeting young Japanese composers and performers, and appear in a concert on the closing day.

We at TWS consider the "Year of Exchange 2006 Australia Japan" a good opportunity to initiate communication between creatives in both countries, and hope to provide a stage on which extensive dialogue and exchange will be carried out in the future.

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Music Program

Tokyo Wonder Site Music Academy -Liza Lim and Daryl Buckley-

・Lesson and Lecture  Date: Feburary 15~17, 2007  
Venue: TWS Aoyama Creator-in-Residence
Admission: Player/ composition
course: ¥5000
Auditing student of the series: ¥2000
Auditor: ¥500 (per one lesson)
Booking needed Details and Booking at website

・Symposium/ Final Concert
Date: Feburary 17
Venue: TWS Shibuya
Admission: ¥1000

Participating Creator

Liza LIM