Dar-Kuen WU

Dar-Kuen WU


Born in 1974. Graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts in 2002. In 2008, I was invited by BLUE DOT ASIA to curate the "Illusion Theater-New Contemporary Art in Taiwan" in Seoul Art center in Korea, and officially started my career as a curator. "Republic without People," the exhibition I curated for Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts in 2011, won the Jury's Special Award of the 10th Taishin Arts Award and the 2011 Best Top Ten Exhibition by Government given by Artist Magazine. Other exhibitions I had curated include "Stand-In II - New Taiwanese Video Style" (Chinese University, Hong Kong, 2012), "Stand-In Techniques - New Taiwanese Video Style" (Gallery 456, New York , 2010), "Illusion Theater - New Contemporary Art in Taiwan" (Seoul Art center, 2008), "Room 19" (Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan, 2008), etc. Co-curated projects include "7th Busan International Video Art Festival" (Korea, 2010), "RANDOM-IZE Taipei" (2003), and "Weather in My Brain: Sound-Visual Art Festival" (2003), etc. 


 Wu uses video, sound to execute installation works for evoking people human sense and body sensation. In 2001, his work was exhibited in Osaka Triennale. In 2002, he participated in the residency program of NIFCA (Finland), in 2005, after the winning of Yageo Tech-Art Award of the ACC (Asian Cultural Council), he was invited to Location One (New York) and in 2006, he participated to ISCP residency program (New York). Currently he works worldwide.
He has been active not only as an artist but also a curator and a critique, known as one of the founder of VTARTSALON , an emerging alternative art space in Taipei. Now he became one of the most remarkable young artists in Taiwan.

About works / performance
I am one of the co-founders of the important Taiwanese art space, VT Artsalon, and had been its former director. I was the board member of Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan, founder of Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Alliance for the Visual Arts Policy, and Association of Creative Economy, Taiwan. Specialized in video installation, new media art, and public art, my works primarily explore how videos and images of telecommunication society influence human psychology and senses as well as the multiple variances of the changing social environment. I consistently employ various methods of videos and images to address experimental and social issues. My recent works include an interactive installation work, "Mi-Lou Taipei," which has been invited for exhibitions by international museums and institutions, such as Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Gwangju Museum of Art (Korea), Busan Museum of Art (Korea), Rhode Island School of Design (USA), Guangdong Museum of Art (China) and Galeria Tap Seac (Macau). My works have also become part of the permanent collections of museums, foundations and art collectors, such as Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and White Rabbit Gallery (Australia). In terms of both artistic creation and curation, I have always attended to the re-interpretation of "multiple cultures/texts." 

Mi-Lou Taipei

Mi-Lou Taipei

Rupublic without people, 2012 Image©陳文榮
©MOCA Taipei

Rupublic without people, 2011