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TitleAsia Anarchy Alliance
VenueTWS Shibuya
Date2014.3.8(Sat) - 2014.4.20(Sun)
Time11:00 - 19:00
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (Taipei National University of the Arts) (Taiwan) Project Fulfill Art Space (Taiwan)
SubsidizeThe National Culture and Arts Foundation: NCAF (Taiwan), F.C.H. Investment Corp., Spring Foundation, TKG Foundation for Arts & Culture
Co-sponsorEPSON (Taiwan)
Chang Li-Ren,Chen Chieh Jen,Chen Ching-Yao,Chen Ching-Yuan,Jompet Kuswidanant Sun Yuan + Peng Yu,Tu Pei-Shih,Yao Jui-Chung,Yeh Chen-Yu,Yuan Goang-Ming
Wu Dar-Kuen (Artist, Chief curator at Kuandu Museum of Fine Art)
The Asia Anarchy Alliance (AAA), Asia's most powerful agent of chaos, descends upon Tokyo for the first time ever!

As the world surges towards ever greater globalization, we move further into an era of neoliberalism and information networks that continues to blur what were once unambiguous borders. Meanwhile, the nations of Asia struggle to come to terms with a paucity of verbal expression resulting from the diffusion of Western ideas and ideals in the 20th century. In the realm of contemporary art, the techniques of the West still hold center stage, with Asia often regarded as a mere epigone. For many years now, Asian art has been talked about as no more than a side dish next to the main course of Western art. The mission of the Asia Anarchy Alliance is to stir these stagnant perceptual waters--to send out our message by identifying the myriad issues confronting Asia and placing them in an artistic context.

Artists (SHIBUYA)

《The Route》2006, Single channel video

Chen Chieh Jen

b.1960. Lives and works in Taiwan.

《Open Sesame》 2011, Mixed media

Sun Yuan + Peng Yu

Sun Yuan (b.1974), Peng Yu (b.1972)

《Energy of Landscape》2014, Single channel video

Yuan Goang-Ming

b.1965. Lives and works in Taiwan.
Artista (HONGO)

Chang Li-Ren
Chen Ching-Yao
Chen Ching-Yuan
Jompet Kuswidananto
Tu Pei-Shih
Yao Jui-Chung
Yeh Chen-Yu
For the details please see the TWS Hongo page.

AAA Boat Conference

This exhibit will also feature a screening of AAA Boat Conference event held on Tokyo Bay in early February. Participants: Xijing Men (Tsuyoshi Ozawa, Chen Shaoxiong, Gimongsok), Kyohei Sakaguchi, Wu Dar-Kuen, Yoshitaka Mouri Cooperation:Boat People Association Documentation by:Lane 216, East, Masayuki Kawai, KentaroTaki (VIDEO ART CENTER Tokyo)
Satellite Program: AAA TOKYO ALLIANCE

Please refer to the AAA Passport and the website for the details.
AAA Passport will be available at AAA TOKYO ALLIANCE venues and TWS.
About the exhibition
The project is a collaboration between Taiwan's National Culture and Arts Foundation's "Visual Arts Curatorial Project" and Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS). After a process of rigorous evaluations, the project was selected to be qualified for the residency opportunity in Japan. With an exhibition proposal combing both local and global perspectives, the project is a response to the trends observed in the international society, and demonstrates the ability and ambition for Taiwanese contemporary art to conduct dialogues of global stature.
AAA Facebook page
Facebooke page by Wu Dar-Kuen, latest news and bihind-the-scene will be posted!

Participating Creator

Dar-Kuen WU