Kiyomi was born in Wakayama, 1981. Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and design, B.A. Fine Art Sculpture.

KIYOMI+TETSUHIRO UOZUMI started working together in 2004 and live and work in Berlin since 2007. Studied at Leiko Ikemura's class as an auditing student at Berlin University of the Arts in 2007-09. Started making installation works with light and synchronized sound in 2012. Weaving a story out of the trivial daily events, they create installation works with fragments of objects and sounds that they collected. Their solo shows include "JUST A DOG" (super bien, Berlin, 2013), "WAITING UNCERTAIN GREEN CIRCLE"(Institut fur Alles Mogliche, Berlin, 2013), "STREAMING GREEN CIRCLE" (Satellite Gallery of Aichi University of the Arts, Nagoya, 2013).

About works / performance

How do we perceive subtle occurrences in everyday life? It quietly continues everywhere to appear and disappear. We can't grasp everything.
We are creating our installation works by carefully extracting some narratives about subtle occurrences from daily life using sound light and fragments of the matter as languages. It's making an audience to experience keeping void things in own mind by small stories coming up and disappear. We would get vague awareness and share.

uozumi_JUST A DOG.jpg

JUST A DOG, 2013, dog made of cloth,lamp,audio system, variable size

uozumi_waiting uncertain green.jpg
waiting uncertain green circle, 2013, washbowl, water, lamp, audio system, etc, variable size

uozumi_placing green chairs.jpg
placing green chairs here, 2012, chair, girl made of cloth, TV ,LED, lamp, audio system, etc, variable size

uozumi_weight of vagueness.jpg
weight of vagueness, 2012, balance, cell phone, etc

NokiSaki, 2006, porcelain ,wool, flower, 1200x660x500mm