As a Masters graduate from the Musahino Art University (Japan), Takaishi has had numerous solo and group shows in Tokyo, and most recently, he has undertaken an artist residency at the Cité Internationale des art, Paris, France (Sept 2016 – Aug 2017).

Recent Exhibitions
“Descending Garden” Solo exhibition, clinic, Tokyo, 2019
“Benizaura Park Art Festival” Group exhibition, Benizakura Park, Sapporo
“Three Bodies, About 180 trillion Cells” Group exhibition, Maki Fine Arts, Tokyo, 2017
“Last One Out Turn Off The Light” Group exhibition, galerie l'inlassable, Paris, 2017
“Underground Water Vein” Solo exhibition, Maki Fine Arts, Tokyo, 2016

Musashino Art University Paris Award (2016)

About works / performance

During the post-World War II democracy period in Japan, the psych of Japanese society felt twisted due to the American presence. In reaction to the period, artists depicted their situations indirectly using metaphorical and abstract forms. These forms subsequently appeared in the shape of distorted and claustrophobic rooms. These rooms were the pictorial spaces that represented society’s psychological perspective.
I practices in the fields of land art, installations and spatially concerned painting. Through these forms I develop structural excavations as complex reflections of societal formations and individual identities. Paradoxically, my burrows offer somewhere to escape into, and yet simultaneously entrap.

Bend, 2018, Hole in ground, L810xW535xD205cm  Special thanks to: Solitoncom Co

Bend, 2018, Hole in ground ,L810xW535xD205cm Special thanks to: Solitoncom Co

Little Bend, 2019, Hole in ground, L113xW118xD175cm

Little Bend, 2019, Hole in ground, L113xW118xD175cm

Steps, Acrylic on canvas

Corner, Acrylic on canvas