Kosuke Tsumura

Kosuke Tsumura


Kosuke Tsumura is a fashion designer and the Director of "FINAL HOME".  He also serves as a Professor at Department of Scenography, Display, and Fashion Design, Musashino Art University.  He envisioned and established the urban survival fashion brand called "FINAL HOME" to embody the concept of "the ultimate home is clothes".  Appearing on the fashion scene such as Paris Collection, London Collection, Tokyo Collection etc., now he works in and across the areas of design, art and architecture vigorously.

1959  Born in Saitama Prefecture, Japan
1982  Won the 52nd "So-En Award", Japan
1983  Joined the Miyake Design Studio, Tokyo
1994  Launched the brand "FINAL HOME", Tokyo
2008  Appointed as a Professor at Department of Scenography,
          Display, and Fashion Design, 
          Musashino Art University, Japan

Selected Exhibitions
1992  "The 21st Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition"
           Semi-Grand Prix  
           The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum / 
           Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art / 
           Shimonoseki City Art Museum, Japan
1993  Solo exhibition "JACKET/JACKETS"  Plus Minus Gallery, Japan
          Solo exhibition "INCOMER"  YKK R&D Center, Japan
1994  Solo exhibition "Kosuke Tsumura 1994"  MDS Gallery, Japan
           "Art Today 1994 Sanctuary
             - The Consideration of the Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Art
                at the End of the 20th Century" 
                Sezon Museum of Art, Japan
1995  "Japonism in Fashion (Japonism et mode)" 
             Musée de la Mode et du Costume, Palais Galliera / 
              TFT Hall, France
1998  "futur a reconter"
            Joint exhibition with Lucy Orta and Frederic Monarec etc. 
            Passage de RETZ Gallery, Paris
          "AIR WEAR" Joint exhibition with Harada Daizaburo  
            Kobe Fashion Museum, Japan
1999  "Visions of The Body: Fashion or Invisible Corset" 
           Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Japan
2000  "The International Architecture Exhibition
           of the Venice Biennale"
2001  "Spiral Rendez-vous Project,"  Tokyo
           "JAM: Tokyo-London"  Barbican Art Gallery
           "Re Design"  Aoyama Spiral Garden, Tokyo
2002  "JAM: Tokyo-London"  Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery
           "Constructed Fabric"  Kobe Fashion Museum, Japan
           "Shanghai Biennale" Shanghai Art Museum
2003  "Virgin Road," Seoul
2004  "Japan Architecture and Art Exhibition"  Israel Museum
          "On Conceptual Clothing"  
            Musashino Art University Museum & Library, Japan
          "HAPTIC" Aoyama Spiral Garden, Tokyo
2005  "Chair Design: The Birth of Japanese 'Za' and the Future" 
            Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, Japan
          "Japan Fashion Fantasy 'New Century of Eco-Style':
            EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN"
          "On Conceptual Clothing" Kirishima Open-Air Museum, Japan
          "from scratch" Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya
          "SAFE: Design Takes On Risk"  
            The Museum of Modern Art, New York
            NANZUKA UNDERGROUND, Tokyo
          "Smooth Sailing for BEARING"  Aoyama Spiral Garden, Tokyo
2007  "Beautiful New World:
            Contemporary Visual Culture from Japan," Beijing
2008  "Beautiful New World:
            Contemporary Visual Culture from Japan" Guangzhou, China
          "Shelter x Survival: Alternative Homes for Fantastic Lives" 
            Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
          "mannequin? sculpture? dress? doll? or art??" 
            Culture Forum Kasugai Gallery, Japan
          "DESIGNTIDE TOKYO" Tokyo Midtown Hall
2009  "TOKYO FIBER '09" Triennale Museum in Milan

Selected Awards
1994  "The 12th Mainichi Fashion" Grand Prix New Face Award, Japan
          "Shiseido Sponsorship Award", Japan
2001  "Oribe Award", Japan

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"FINAL HOME Project" (2005, From Opening Event for TWS Shibuya "From Scratch")