Born in 1983 in Fukushima. Lives and works in Berlin and Sapporo. Graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Nihon University college of Art in 2007.
Considering the city as an accumulation of the collective unconscious, he uniquely extracts symbolic images from fragments of urban landscapes, then transforms them into various media such as drawings, paintings, sculptures, and videos, and simulates the real world from his own unique perspective through the form of installations.

Recent exhibitions and activities
2023 “Archaic Future," Moerenuma Park, Hokkaido
2023 “Post Language Realm / variation,” Setareh X, Düsseldorf
2021 "Post Language Realm,” Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
2019 "Phantoms Agora,” Siao-Long Children’s Museum of Art, Tainan, Taiwan
2016 “Assembrige NAGOYA 2016,” Nagoya Port Area, Aichi

2020-2021 "Japanese government oversea research program (in Berlin)," Agency for Cultural Affair 

About works

He has been practicing "archegraphs," a series of drawings in which he extracts symbolic images based on shapes and structures found in fragments of landscapes through street observations in urban environments, in various cities in East Asia and Europe. In particular, he considers elements that deviate from its function and meaning of the city, as well as objects and events that we are not usually aware of in our daily lives, but which we subconsciously know, as the collective unconscious of the city. By abstracting these elements through the process of drawing, he creates a unique symbolic system using the contemporary urban landscape as a medium.

Archaic Future 2023, Mixed media, variable dimension

Intermediate 2022, Mixed media, variable dimension

Post Language Realm 2021, Mixed media, variable dimension

Post Language Realm 2021, Mixed media, variable dimension

Phantoms Agora 2019, Mixed media, variable dimension

archegraph study_Tainan 2018,color pencil, paper, 210mm×280mm